What are the rules for dating

22-Jul-2017 08:44

Choi (Kang Hye-Jung) begins work as a student-teacher at a high school.

During her first day on the job, English teacher Lee Yoo-Rim (Park Hae-Il) hits on her in a very brash manner.

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While Lee Yoo-Rim seems to be content with having their relationship continue as an affair, Choi worries about having sex without “love.” Eventually the administration at their place of work finds out about their relationship and they must now hide or reveal their relationship.I asked them if they would like it if a woman approached them and asked them out. So there we have it - just don't plop yourself down on their laps, arms dangled around their necks, and expect them to say yes. So, what are the 8 rules for dating in the modern world? Admit it, you probably spend more time lingering over the Chinese takeaway menu! Once you stop looking at people with, "is this the future father of my children? " in mind, taking things as they come becomes a lot easier. The result is an an unexpected reversal of roles between them as co-workers, as well as a reversal of dynamics in their personal relationship.

i'am surprised at the wrong perceptions people review the film after watching it myself.The excitement of being with a woman who’s hot enough to turn you on every time you look at her is well worth the risk of a rejection.